film study

After you read and watch all the links, as well as the film you chose, create a PowerPoint. Each slide should be a mixture of text and images.

Here are the topics to hit:

  1. Three interesting facts about foreign films as a large category. In other words, this one shouldn’t be just about the movie you watched. Make it much bigger, broader, worldwide, more general. What’s something you found interesting about foreign film?
  2. Choose a region: Asia, Europe, Africa, South/Central America or Mexico. Find three interesting facts about films in that part of the world.
  3. Now, the film you watched. Create a scrapbook, so to speak. Who are the main characters? Find a photo of an interesting scene (you may want to screengrab that in some way if you can’t find anything on the web). Who directed it? Did it win any awards?

You’ll need 10 individual slides, plus a title slide ON THE FILM wild strawberries

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