1.       State which cemetery you think is the healthiest, which is in the middle, and which is the least healthy

2.       Examine evidence for your claim

a.       Which data (ABC from Part 1) support this claim, which data do not?

b.       Why place weight on the data you selected over others?

3.       Consider alternative claims

a.       Based on your data could you make an argument that the cemeteries could be put into a different order?

i.      Which variables support these alternative claims?

4.       Rate these claims.

a.       Why reject the alternative claim(s) in favor of your primary claim?

B.      Provide a short, written summary interpreting what is going on between these three cemeteries taking into consideration your analysis comparing the relative health between the cemeteries, their radiocarbon dates, and the 13C/15N isotope data.

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