Idea Development

Introduction(minimum of 1page)

Idea Development

Word Choice

sentence Structure


Case 2

You are the training director for a training program designed to prepare people to become certi-fied as program managers. The training is divided into five sections. Each section consists of two days of training for each of four weeks. Each section has a different trainer who is an expert in the content of that section. At the end of each week, the trainees take a test to measure what they have learned. You’ve just reviewed the results of the last four cohorts to have completed the training. You are surprised to notice that the trainees did poorly on the first exam but then did considerably better on the second and third exams. Then the trainees did poorly on the fourth, but improved on the fifth and sixth. This trend continued throughout the 20 weeks, even for the brightest trainees. You ask yourself “What is going on here?”

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