Tourism business

Your individual assignment will focus on a selected tourism business, of your choice. You will be tasked to provide an overview of the current experiential focus.Then, to go deeper and provide recommendations on how they could expand/enhance their experiential offerings.

In the individual assignment you are to analyze and discuss how experience is the missing link between a tourism business, its potential audience and what opportunities might be created to layer on robust experiences for customers.

1. Listentoandtakenotesonfollowingwebinar.Read16TravelExperienceDesign Considerations.Tourism Cafe.

2. Chooseanexperientialtourismbusiness.Beconciseofwhatthebusinessisandwhat experience(s) it provides. You will be using this tourism business example to complete this assignment.

3. ConsiderhowthisTourismbusinesscanreach‘thesweetspot’byincorporatingthe4realmsof experiences (entertainment, educational, escapist, and esthetics) into its business plan, thus offering more robust experiences.

4. Provideyourrecommendationsofwhatyourtourismbusinesscandothe4realmsof experiences and offerings to reach robust experiences for its customers.

Supporting Materials:

1. Listen to and take notes on following webinar: Harvard Business Review. The New Experience Economy.

2. 16 Travel Experience Design Considerations.Tourism Cafe. (located in Individual folder)

The following format is to be applied to the assignment:

Arial,12-point font, double-spaced, normal margins

Cover page with student’s name, number, and title of assignment

Minimum 3000 word count excluding cover page, references, and appendices Introduction

Index page with page numbers

Reference page

Reference of photos (if used).

Appendices (If any, like charts, maps, or graphs)

No typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure errors Number the pages in the lower right-hand corner

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