visual artwork

Street art is defined as visual artwork created in public locations, usually unsanctioned by property owners and created outside the permission of authority. Street art, graffiti, and vandalism are generally grouped together as anti-authority forms of rebellious expression, though many would say that they are not one and the same. Street artists such as Banksy (Links to an external site.) and Shepard Fairey (Links to an external site.) have managed to cross over into the mainstream art world and gain acceptance as legitimate artists while still producing street art. Artists such as Jean – Michel Basquiat  (Links to an external site.)and Keith Haring (Links to an external site.) stepped off the streets and into art galleries, establishing themselves as two very popular and successful artists in the late 90s.

Consider the following questions when drafting your post:

  1. Is street art a legitimate form of art?
  2. Do you feel there is an aesthetic that separates street art from graffiti and vandalism?
  3. Who decides what is considered legitimate street art?
  4. Do you feel this is a valid form of social expression if one creates a work of art without permission (illegally) on someone else’s property?
  5. How does the work of Banksy, who has remained true to his roots as an anonymous street artist, contrast with the works of Basquiat and Haring?
  6. Do you feel Basquiat and Haring should still be considered street artists or do they belong in another category all together?


  • Your discussion post and any images used must be embedded and not attached. DO NOT ATTACH your work. Attachments cannot be opened and will receive a zero.
  • Your post must be a minimum of 400 words written in paragraph format.
  • All scholarly sources used must be properly cited in the Chicago Style. (You can review course policies on citations & sources here).
  • Use the Image icon in the toolbar to embed images. Select upload and drag the images from your desktop.
  • Proofread for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • You must comment and provide a thoughtful contribution to one of your classmate’s posts in a minimum of 100 words. Simply stating they did a great job is not a thoughtful contribution to the discussion. You must add to their post by elaborating on what they have written or provide a different perspective.

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