How Child Abuse has impacted on family and Education

Question 1
1. Describe the mission and purpose of a Child Protection Centre in the UAE (10 marks)
Question 2
2. The Child Protection Dimensions have been put in place by the UAE to protect children in a
range of situations.
List five (5) of the categories the UAE ‘Child Protection Dimensions’ and in your own words
describe what the category involves in order to protect children in the UAE (15 marks)
Question 3
3. In week 1, we looked at the 6 common themes/principles in child protection.
Select three (3) of these themes and in your own words, describe how they support child
protection. (15 marks)
Question 4
4. Analyse these scenarios and state which Article of Wadeema’s Law would apply in these
situations. (15 marks)
A. A 12 year old child has been removed from school because the parents do not feel that
an education is a worthwhile option for the child.
B. A 13 year old boy is employed by a building company and working around 10 hours per
C. A newspaper is wanting to report about a child abuse case and they are wanting to
publish names of the persons involved.
D. A number of convenience stores in Abu Dhabi have been selling cigarettes to children
who are 16 years old.
E. An illegal film crew are operating in Abu Dhabi and they are paying children to be
involved in pornographic videos which are being sold on the internet.
Question 5
5. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC) outlines a number of Rights
that children should be entitled to.
Select three (3) of the Rights outlined in the UNCRC and in your own words, describe how it
protects children. (15 marks)
Question 6
6. Describe the four (4) categories of child abuse giving an example for each one (20 marks)
Question 7
7. According to article 33 of Wadeema’s Law, there are many actions which would considered
a threat to a child. Outline five (5) of these potential threats. (10 marks)

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