Discussion Questions

Choose one essay from the essay titles below.:

  1. The effect of Covid-19 on people’s lives around the world has been to show how unequal society has become in almost every country. Rich people have found it relatively easy to cope whilst poor people have struggled. Once the pandemic is over the governments of all countries should change their tax systems so that rich people pay more of their money to support the poorest. Discuss.
  2. Frank Lampard, the manager of Chelsea FC, has said that the Premier League is so rich that it has a duty to help football clubs in lower leagues. This should apply to all areas of the economy to ensure that countries recover from Covid-19. Discuss.
  3. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, countries who have female leaders have been, generally, less badly affected by the crisis than countries with male leaders. Female leaders are usually more empathetic and honest than male leaders which is why they handled the situation more effectively. Discuss.
  4. Over the last three decades all countries around the world have become more unequal. Giving each adult a basic income would help to fix this inequality and at the same time it will strengthen the economy. Discuss.
  5. Younger politicians are more effective than older ones because they understand current issues and are able to use modern approaches to deal with those issues. Countries would benefit greatly if all politicians were forced to retire at the age of 60. Discuss.


  • 1000 words
  • Cover page: student name and number; word count; essay title; teacher name
  • Please add in-text citations in the essay and a reference list at the end of the essay, following the Harvard style. Please note that the reference list is not included in the word count, but in-text references are.
  • The font, size and spacing required are as follows
  • Arial or Times New Roman
  • Size 12
  • Double-spaced
  • Single-sided

You will be assessed on

  • Use of source material: you will be provided with 3 reliable sources. You will need to find at least three more.
  • Cohesion, coherence and organisation
  • Communication and task fulfilment
  • Language control which includes Lexis and Grammar

This first draft is a formative submission so you will receive written feedback from your English teacher, but no score. If you do not submit a draft to Turnitin before the deadline this will be reflected by a lower score in the task fulfilment section for the final draft. The draft should be meaningful, which means;

  • You have written a minimum of 500 words
  • There is clear relevance to the question you have chosen
  • At least two sections should be written in full. Notes can be used for other sections as long as the total word count reaches 500 words
  • Any citations must be included as well as a Harvard style reference list outlining all the sources used so far

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