Provide three example questions, one for each category that can be defined as a structured, semi-structured, and unstructured interview question. Provide a short justification for each choice.

• What are some issues you are likely to encounter with a study that focuses on childhood disease and illness? For example, what ethical and legal issues must you consider, and how can you cope with such issues as retention?

Describe three techniques, methods, or recommendations you can use to promote retention in a study. Include any additional personal examples of promoting retention you can lend that might not already be in the course materials.
Example questions: 3 slides
Justification: 3 slides
Techniques, methods, or recommendations: 3 slides
Conclusion: 2 slides
Provide notes minimum 100 words for each slide. Use current scholarly articles from only no older than 5 years for references. Do not use any book other than the one listed in additional materials.

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