Business Studies

• Assess and develop a position on a question of civic and global significance in the field
of project management, taking into account both scholarship and published positions and
narratives of relevant interest groups.
In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence the
following skills through completing this assignment:
• Ethical reasoning
• Critical thinking
• Professional writing
• Presentation skills
• Organization

For this assignment, you will select and analyze an ethics in project management
dilemma. Consider the following articles that review an ethical dilemma.
To ensure that no one reviews the same article, please post your article name in the DB Post –
Weeks 5-6 – Ethics Presentation. Review those who have posted before you to ensure your
article has not already been selected.
Your deliverable is a presentation highlighting your analysis – including voice or detailed text
notes that if read aloud would be as insightful as is spoken that will:
• Summarize the ethical situation/issue/decision to be made – why it is one – problems it
creates for project and benefits in resolving
• Analyze the action taken by the PM (Strengths and potential issue created)
• Provide an alternate strategy (Plan)
• Strengths and Possible Risks with that strategy (Plan)
• Actions in Implementing (Do)
• How to know if it resolved the ethical situation (Starting to Check)
• Other actions to consider if not effective (Act)
• Proactive actions to take on a “new” project to prevent this situation – how this could be
implemented within an Ethics Policy on Project
• Connect in a component of the PMI Code of Ethics/General statement on why a code of
ethics is important in PM
• As a conclusion to your presentation, consider how this case may influence your team’s
approach to your Ethics policy.

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