Personnel Assessment & Recruiting Strategy



The objective of this assignment is to walk you through the process of preparing to recruit and recruiting a new employee. Your best source of detailed information on the aspects of each of the components of this process is your book.  If you are unsure how to create or replicate certain steps in the following process, return to the definition, concept and exhibits in the assigned texts.  Additionally, your own workplace may have examples of some of these steps readily available.  If you cannot ask a manager or co-worker for written information on job recruiting, ask a friend, or, of course, utilize the internet for additional support. It may be helpful to “role-play” through this exercise, imagining yourself as a manager who needs staff, and must determine what kind of qualifications you want your staff to have, and then where and how to communicate this characteristics to potential candidates.  The assignment will require several components be completed – there is no specified format or length, with the exception the requirement to type your work into a Word document at a college level of writing.

Components/Rubric [Total – 100 points]:


  • An overview and/or description of the facility or organization you are representing. This should include both a physical description of the operation and a thorough representation of the organization’s culture. [15 points]
  • Select a specific position you are seeking to fill and complete a task inventory of that specific job and its duties. This should be detailed, and cover all expected duties conducted by this position, including things done daily and things completed less often (weekly/monthly).

[20 points]

  • Develop a robust and complete list of KSABs candidates must possess for this position. Additionally, develop a complete list of BFOQs that the position needs to possess. This can be done as one section, but it is expected that you clearly delineate the KSABs and the BFOQs as part of the exercise. [20 points]
  • Create a full job description from the components above. [10 points]
  • Identify and describe recruiting strategies for this position that is in alignment with the organization and the job. Who are you hiring?  Where are you finding them? Feel free to be creative and use more than one venue, as most organizations would do.  You may imagine that you have unlimited resources to make this happen. [25 points]
  • Create a job classified ad or posting for the candidates in one of the locations that you selected for your recruiting strategy. [10 points]


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