Group therapy proposal

Develop a PowerPoint or Prezi Proposal Presentation. Use your reading and outside sources as a guidance on developing your proposal. When replying to your colleagues original thread respond from the lens of an agency administrator who would be seeing this proposal. What questions do you have based on the proposal and the agency? You will expand on these ideas in your signature assignment. The proposal should include the following information:
1. Type of agency the group is being developed for. Why did you choose this particular type of agency?
2. Identify the problem your group will be addressing (grief, anger management, self-esteem, etc).
3. Identify a specific population the group will target and the rationale for choosing this particular population.
4. Identify if the group is involuntary or voluntary and the rationale for this. Identify if the group is open or close and the rationale for this.
5. What theoretical orientation techniques will be used? CBT WILL BE USED. Why are these techniques appropriate? In what ways can you employ your techniques in a flexible manner to meet the needs of culturally diverse client populations?

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