HIV amongst Hispanics in Bronx, NY

Introduction/Background (including Statement of Problem/Need, Purpose of Research and Significance of Research)

The introduction of a proposal begins with a capsule statement and then proceeds to introduce the subject to a stranger. It should give enough background to enable an informed lay person to place your particular research problem in a context of common knowledge and should show how its solution will advance the field or be important for some other work. The statement describes the significance of the problem(s), referring to appropriate studies or statistics.

What is the issue that you are addressing and why does it matter?
Make clear what the research problem is and exactly what has been accomplished.
Why is what you propose necessary? What is the void in knowledge?
Who benefits? Indicate the public good, not just the effect on your organization.
Why hasn’t this issue been addressed sufficiently in the past?
Show why the previous work needs to be continued. The literature review should be selective and critical. Discussions of work done by others should lead the reader to a clear idea of how you will build upon past research and how your work differs from theirs.
What theoretical framework will be used in this RFP?
Provide convincing evidence (literature review) that what you are proposing does not duplicate other work. Replication of someone else’s work in a new environment or larger scale may be fundable.
In order to establish the value of your project, you need to clarify the need or problem that your project responds to. Early in your proposal, make sure that you establish the context of this problem (i.e., the background). If this problem affects a particular population, describe that group of people. Include data if appropriate.

Carefully review and address all the aforementioned questions in no more than 1 to 2 page. Support your answer with at least 2 peer-reviewed articles and 1 governmental website.

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