Stars and Black Holes

My class is “Physics – Stars and Black Holes”. This is a research project which is due under the current deadline. I’ve attached all the instructions you need to know about the essay. In short, I was asked to choose a topic from choices given in the “citizen_science_projects.pdf” file and make a research paper out of it, the guidelines for the paper would be in the “project_expectations.pdf” file. In the file with a screenshot, it is a short homework which is due in a day about which topic I would choose to write and why. So, could you let me know which topic you would be writing as soon as you read this message? Lastly, it’s up to you to how many sources you will cite and the number of pictures you will put in the essay, but I would prefer if there would be at least 3 for each. Other than that, the guidelines should be easy enough to understand and please help me out with the title. Thank you.

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