The research paper may be completed individually or in groups of two (2). The requirements are exactly the same whether one works alone or with one more fellow student

First, select two MNC’s from those listed below

Lego, Disney, Adidas, Cannon, Bosch, Sony, Intel, HP, SAS, Marriot International, CISCO, Mars, Monsanto, H&M, LG, Siemens.

Then proceed as follows:

A Introduction. Read B, C, D below before writing the introduction.200 words

B Discuss employees’ rights and basic human rights in the global operations of the two MNC’s.                                                                                           1000 words

C Discuss CSR in the two MNC’s.                                                               1000 words

D         Assess which of the two MNC’s appears to better support and promote ethical behavior among employees, pays greater attention to social and organizational obligations, and exhibits a higher level of CSR.        600 words

E          Conclusion(s)

F Executive Summary. Write a one-page executive summary after the paper has been completed and attach it right after the cover page and before the introduction.                                                                                                  300 words


Structure of the paper: Execut. summary- Introduction- Main body- Conclusion(s)


Submission: By e-mail as a Word Doc. Do NOT send PDF. For co-authored papers Cc: the co-author when the paper is submitted.


1.Use a minimum of five (5) academic sources (the textbook does NOT count).

2   Unreferenced or undated sources are NOT acceptable.

  1. All sources used must be dated after 2015.

4.You may wish to e-mail the MNC’s asking for information additional to what is typically available on their web

  1. Provide in-text citations of all sources used.
  2. All sources used in text must be presented in a list of sources at the end of the paper.

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