Dignity and Despair Analysis

Between Dignity and Despair Analysis

An analysis paper based on the book “Between Dignity and Despair” by Marion Kaplan. Answer the following question: What does Kaplan mean by “social death”? Why didn’t German Jews “read the writing on the wall” and flee in larger numbers?
Your paper must:
-Be 3 pages (+ or – a paragraph), double-spaced, typed, paginated, and stapled.
-Have a clear, logical thesis on page one. Remember, a thesis is an argument, not a description.
-The paper must take a position and argue it cogently.
-Support its thesis with specific details from the text. Parenthetical citations (p.26) at the end of the sentence are fine for quotes/citations.
-Be comprehensive. That is it must take into account the entire book, not just portions of it.
-Be logically organized.
-Be free of all typographical and grammatical errors.
-Never use personal pronouns, slang, or contractions.

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