Intersectional Feminist Analysis

Using a performance studies and intersectional feminist analysis write a critical reflection of a  “performance” of your choosing. In keeping with a performance studies framework, for purpose of this assignment “performance” is broadly construed to include a variety of aesthetic media (including film, performance art, theatre, youtube, television, activism and visual art) as well as the myriad of rituals of everyday life (including activities related to body-image, sports, consumerism, food, social media activities, etc.).

Reflection length: 3 – 4 pages or 1000 – 1250 words.

The reflection paper must be prepared in traditional essay format. It must incorporate a critical discussion of at least two readings we have been considering in class and must include a bibliography (which is not part of the assignment’s word-count). Double-space and format your text according to an academic style, such as MLA or APA.

Suggested questions for the reflection:

  • How do you see your chosen selection as a “performance” ? What theoretical tools or concepts of performance studies can you apply to explain it?
  • What problems in intersectional feminist theory does this performance illuminate? What solutions does it offer?
  • What problems in everyday social relations does this performance address? How does it fit in relation to the issues addressed in the course?
  • What is most interesting and/or significant about this performance and why?
  • What questions does this performance raise for you? What does it make you reflect on?

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