Protecting Privacy

Protecting Privacy

Privacy refers to being free from intrusion; it is the right to be left alone, to be free from surveillance, and to have control over the information collected and stored about yourself.

With the digitization of all forms of information and the increasing use of the Internet for all types of activities, it has become easy to collect detailed information about individuals. This has helped businesses to locate customers for their products, allowed government and law enforcement to monitor individuals’ behavior, and enabled criminals to find victims.

Loss of privacy is so widespread and is occurring so quickly that some believe that it is too late to do anything about it. Others are interested in maintaining some forms of privacy. Still, others are embracing a transparent lifestyle, broadcasting their every action to the world.

Everything we do generates information about who we are as people—whom we know, what we believe, what we like—and this is truer than ever with the expansion of the Internet into our daily lives. Due to digitalization, some private content can be released and consequences could be affecting our personal or professional life.

Search the internet for some real-life example where private information has been published and the person has lost their job or has dramatically affected their personal life.

Write a summary article about this particular case using Microsoft Word. (3-4 paragraphs only)
Draft a press release after very personal, and somewhat offensive material was leaked to the public, thus, jeopardizing his/her employment and professional reputation.

Your article must contain:

1. Title
2. Your name, class, class section, and teacher (it could be added in the header, footer, or as a subtitle)
3. Summary section (3-4 paragraphs only)
4. Press release section (one paragraph only)
5. References

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