Putting Action Back in Activism

Reading Assignment. Putting Action Back in Activism. Answer the following question in a form of an essay including introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. (it will be the second reading in the pdf)
At the beginning of her essay, Corvese identifies slacktivism as a “dangerous trend”. What is dangerous about it?
Corvese identifies symbolic actions as a key problem with slacktivism. What does she mean when she discusses symbolism? What examples does she give?
What is Corvese’s definition of slacktivism? Where does she suggest the word comes from?
In her assessment of the effects of slacktivism, Corvese notes that “the vastness of social media” (paragraph 3) makes it easy for slacktivists to show their support but does little for the actual people in need. In what way can supporting causes on Facebook and Twitter have little overall effect?
What does Corvese think is the main goal of campaigns like One Billion Rising? How well do these campaigns achieve their goal?
What other actions does Corvese suggest to readers who want to support the cause of One Billion Rising? How can they move on from slacktivism to activism?

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