Race and Racism

For this assignment, visit the webpage A Worn Path and pay special attention to “Race and Racism” and “Setting.” Notice what these sections say about the historical setting of the story.

The historical setting, or the enveloping action of the story, directs Phoenix Jackson’s behavior, and if we know the enveloping action, we can deepen our understanding of Phoenix Jackson’s actions and the conflict she’s facing. In other words, Phoenix Jackson faces certain obstacles in the plot and physical setting of the story (e.g., a worn path, a long walk, meeting a stranger), but these physical obstacles become even more challenging when we understand the enveloping action surrounding the plot or, in other words, the social context.

For example, imagine “A Worn Path” set in contemporary America. For your response, analyze whether you think the characters would face the same obstacles if the story were set in some location in contemporary America. Specifically speaking, do you think a person could walk into a hospital and have the same experience that Phoenix has? Could this story be written about today?

Next, review my brief video analyzing a portion of the story (video is close-captioned).

Finally, access the setting analysis worksheet and complete it.

Worksheet Guidelines and Rubric
Your response needs to contain the following:

A complete worksheet
A corresponding detail from the story
500 words total

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