Global warming and Oceans: latest IPCC report

I am in charge of 3 slides on global warming and oceans. The two slides about global warming need to be completed and one Moral on global warming. If you have any questions please message me

The two slides are for the Social issue of global warming and oceans

It should be comprehensive — examine all aspects of the topic (scientific, social, moral, economical, political and other aspects– but please do not think that these are required section headings that you must include in your presentation). You should also look into the problem from the view points of all the stake holders: for example in a hypothetical project on the effects of Navy Sonar, you not only discuss Navy Sonar, you should discuss arguments both for and against and try to represent viewpoints of Navy, fishermen, tourism industry, general citizen, animal rights etc). For each of the topic you must propose a solution or future course of action.

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