Reflection of Feeling and Reflection of Content

Read and review the social story below, named Social Story: Sofia’s Difficult Journey
Make note of certain details where Sofia express emotions and provide factual information about her current situation
Social Story: Sofia’s Difficult Journey

Sofia is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico that currently resides in South Florida with her three children ages 4, 2 and 6 months old. Sofia is a single mother and the father of her three children is a United States citizen but he is not actively and consistently involved in the children’s life and provides minimal financial and social support. Sofia’s family resides in Mexico and they provide some emotional support but they are unable to provide financial and social support. Sofia left Mexico approximately 5 years ago at the age of 18 to escape severe family violence and abuse. Sofia is currently at a community health clinic for a routine medical visit and she is referred to the clinic’s social worker. Sofia states the following to the social worker:

“My name is Sofia and I have three young children. I am often tired and stressed out because I am a single parent and I am getting no support. I am often sad and depressed because I feel so alone and I feel like no one understands and no one cares. I have been through a lot in childhood, things I haven’t even talked about. I am trying to go back to school but it is difficult because of my citizenship status and the time commitment because I have three young children. Sometimes I just want to end it all and give up so that the pain will go away but I know my kids need me. I also make really bad choices with boyfriends and I always seem to get my heart broken. I know that money does not solve all problems but I feel like if I had more of it I would be happier. I need to figure out what I can do to have a better life. Can you help me?”

To complete this exercise, please write up and submit the following:

Please answer the following questions:
Based on the social story, give an example of both reflection of feeling and reflection of content. Discuss why each of your two examples are good examples as a social worker.
Write exactly what you would state to the client as the social worker
Make sure you differentiate which example is the reflection of feeling statement and which one is the reflection of content statement
Based on the social story, what active and reflective listening skills would you utilize to engage Sophia?
(i.e., what would you do, what non-verbal communication, etc.)
Your response needs to be at least 150 words

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