Social media in hospitality and tourism research in UAE

kindly select one of the topics which you find more suitable for the assignment:
1) Covid 19 and Online Shopping or (Factors influencing the rapid growth of Online shopping during Covid- 19 pandemic time in UAE.)
2)Social Media in hospitality and tourism research in UAE.
In the introduction introduce the subject
literature review put table about the drivers like technological, behavioral, marketing…..examples and authors
research methodology …..
plz find the attached assignment guidelines and examples
Don’t forget to write a Summary of the project.
• In terms of appearance, your objective is a business report that is up to the best business
standards. Good English grammar and spelling count so edit carefully. Marks will
reflect this.
• Whenever you copy information from an outside source, you must use quotation mark
and provide the source, otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism.
• Do not forget the conclusion and references.

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