Intelligence analysis in Russia

My topic is going to be about (Intelligence analysis in Russia), the power point slides should have bullet points and pictures,

  1. Preparation for your presentation:
  • Know your topic; prepare background information; talk to your faculty, other faculty, etc.
  • Be prepared to answer questions
  1. Organization of visual aids: Organize your slides with the following in mind:
  • Title, affiliations, awards, etc.
  • Introduction and/or background in subject area
  • Information to engage a general audience and to provide context to interest audience
  • Results
  • Conclusions or Summary
  • Future work
  • Recommendations
  1. Preparation of PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat:
  • Make each of your slides clear and readable.
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice:
  • Practice as much as possible to achieve an easy delivery
  • Try do not read your talk or memorize it
  • Know as much about your subject area as possible


  1. Handling of audience questions:
  • Answer clearly and concisely;
  • Text
  • Make all text as large as possible; > 28 font, using same font style throughout
  • pictures
  • Font: Arial or Times Roman
  • Bold: all text
  • Colors: depends upon background choices;
  1. Backgrounds
  • Suggestions – Use a simple, pleasing background



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