PART 1:  How can you apply your knowledge of the concepts presented in this course to help you be a good supervisor?  200 words

PART 2:  you will design a plan to resolve a current workplace communication issue that you are facing now or one that you have faced in the past. If you are not currently in the workforce, apply this strategy to a professional organization you interact with on a regular basis, such as your child’s school or a local business. Create your responses as if you were employed with the organization. Include the following in your plan:

  • Identify the communication issue: Ethical? Technological? Cross-cultural communication? (half page).
  • Describe the workplace (type of business, number of employees, your job/title) and workplace issue (up to one page).
  • Explain three specific communication concepts from Units I–VI that would help you resolve the workplace issue (half page).
  • Apply the concepts to the workplace issue as you explain how the concepts are the solutions to this issue (at least two pages).
  • Offer a conclusion that analyzes how the workplace and its employees will benefit from resolving this workplace issue (one page).

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