favorite retail brands

For this blog activity, you will select one of your favourite retail brands and create a blog post outlining the company’s stance on social responsibility and describing how this stance is incorporated into the company’s ethical practices with regard to its marketing strategy.

First, watch the following videos:

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Ethical behaviour in Marketing

The Social Responsibility of Business

Then, review the presentation Corporate Social Responsibility. In your blog post, address the following:

Identify a retail brand that you believe is socially or ethically responsible.

How do you believe the company conducts business in a socially responsible way? Support your answer by discussing specific examples.

Has the company ever been involved in any incidents in which they were accused of not conducting business in an ethical or socially responsible manner? If so, briefly discuss the legal issues related to the incident(s).

Do you feel the company is “green” for profit or “green” for the environment?

Once you have written your blog entry, submit a link to your blog as your initial post.

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