Interior Lighting And Electrical Components

Document what business you visited, the location and time of day you went in.

  1. Walk the showroom floor (looking up-lol) and observe the various types of lighting offered.
  2. You are there to source and see lighting you have specified in 4 of the spaces from last weeks floor plan.
  3. Speak with the salesperson for details of your selection.
  4. Does the luminaire selected have the light output required for the area being lighted?
  5. What type of lamp (bulb) is required for use? compact fl. incandescent, LED, halogen, etc
  6. Are the luminaires energy efficient?
  7. Are you able to use dimmers with your selections? If so, what type?
  8. What are the newest products on the market?
  9. Do they offer a lighting designer to assist planning?
  10. Take photos of each light source for each room.
  11. Price all lighting selected pieces.
  12. How helpful were the sales associates?
  13. How knowledgeable were they?
  14. Do they have a certified lighting designer on staff?
  15. Do the offer commercial grade lighting?

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