Nursing homes

Nursing homes adopt a patient-centered care model to increase patient satisfaction. As an outcome, patients and their families are valued and appreciated throughout their healthcare journey. As mentioned by Shi (2015), certifications and licenses are generally needed for nursing care institutions. Non-compliance may reduce the quality of patient treatment resulting in fines and closures. So, these facilities support such as help prioritize what matters most to patients and families, plans for symptom management, care coordination, and additional homecare or assistive devices to compensate for functional losses (Toles et. al., 2021). Routine sterility and cleanliness practices, politeness and respect, and an act of trust that a skilled nursing caretaker retains towards patients play a significant role in raising the standard of living. According to Toles et al. (2021), nursing care facilities have reduced the mortality of patients recovering from serious illnesses. The sole goal of nursing care centers is to optimize adherence to treatment following primary care from hospitals.

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