Managerial Finance

  1. The selected firm (Arabian Pipes Co.)
  2. Seek out a challenge confronted by this firm on a project or a program of projects.
  3. Propose an innovative solution. Argue about the expected benefits resulting from this solution.
  4. Try to quantify a bit your arguments. Don’t keep them at the intuitive level only.
  5. Download from Internet, use Annual Reports or find elsewhere financial data for 5 years if possible.
  6. Perform Ratio Analysis or equivalent to assess the health status of your firm.
  7. Assess the performance of the firm; its Strengths and Weaknesses from your point of view.
  8. Use common sense and sound judgment to propose a set of recommendations for improvement.


  • Objectives of the Case Write-up: 
  • Identify a problem as a consultant
  • Retrieve real time financial data. You can use Tadawul website to get data for corporation.
  • Practice communication skills both in writing (through structuring ideas and solution rigorously, concisely and clearly) and in speaking (through giving a PowerPoint presentation).
  • Enhance teamwork/ class critical thinking and discussion.

In defining the problem:

  • Tend to focus narrowly in defining the problem; overlook larger setting of minor issues.
  • You can validate your perception of the problem by some colleagues or even some protagonists if you can afford it.

In carrying analysis:

  • Run numbers & get to the heart of the problem.
  • Don’t make unimportant calculations to impress. Go to the business issue quickly.
  • Take a stand. Have your own point of view. Wear the hat of an executive who must do something in response to a problem.
  • Don’t exercise the spectator sport: the habit of absorbing what others say fail miserably to be trained as a leader.

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