a PowerPoint presentation explaining the state election and campaign process,

Instructions Using a state of your choice, create a PowerPoint presentation explaining the state election and campaign process, party politics, and the government structure of your chosen state. Using the CSU Online Library as a resource, you will also need to include information on gerrymandering and its impact (or lack thereof) in your state. You will need to include slides covering the topics listed below.

  • Include a title slide, which should include the title of your presentation, your name, the university name, and the link to video presentation (see more information below).
  • Provide an overview, or list objectives for the presentation.
  • Explain political party structure.
  • Identify the types of primaries utilized in your chosen state.
  • Identify state party organizations.
  • Discuss campaign methods of a state candidate/incumbent.
  • Provide apportioning and districting information.
  • Identify the governmental structure of your state.
  • Discuss the party issues in your state.

In your presentation, incorporate images and/or graphics to help support the analysis and writing on each slide. The video tutorial Library Research: An Overview will help you research state election and campaign processes, party politics, and the government structure of your chosen state within the CSU Online Library. If you like, you may also include a video of you presenting your PowerPoint presentation. Once your PowerPoint is complete, create a video that is 3 to 5 minutes in length of you presenting your PowerPoint. Your video should clearly show you and your presentation. A link to your video should be provided on the title slide of your PowerPoint presentation. Again, the video is OPTIONAL, not required. Your slides (and video presentation if desired) should include explanations of the aforementioned points. Please do not copy and paste lists of senators and representatives into your slides. You may include additional information that you feel is relevant, but do not create more than 14 slides. Use your creativity, and organize the material in a logical and understandable manner. Use APA formatting for all paraphrased and quoted material. Utilize the CSU Online Library for at least one of your sources. Include citations on each slide. Note: Do not use the Notes section in PowerPoint. Your commentary on the slides should only be shared in the video. If you feel you are unable to create a video, reach out to your professor to discuss options. The resources below may help you with this assignment.

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