a world religion of your choice

For this assignment you will be working independently. You will be researching a world religion of your choice (if you practice a religion, it should be different from your own religion), answering questions about the religion, and composing a research paper.

Make sure it is specific: for example just “Christianity” is not a good choice. Choose a specific denomination of Christianity, like Lutheranism, for example. If selecting Buddhism, you might locate it within a region, like Tibet, for example, and study Tibetan Buddhism. You may consult the professor with questions or to get feedback on your choice.


You must research and write about a religion of your choice. Again, make sure it is specific. Imagine you are writing this paper to give to someone who has never heard of this religion before. Your job will be to educate them about it. Some topics which may be covered in your paper include the following (note: depending on which religion you choose, which areas you cover and how much information you write about these categories may differ due to the structure of the religion you are writing about):

– Explanation of beliefs and tenets (life’s purpose, myths)                      – Deities/Deity

– Origins of the religion, it’s founder and its history                       – Sects within the religion

– Approximate number of followers worldwide

– Dominant locations where it is/was practiced                                – Ideas about the afterlife

– Holy Books/ important texts                                                                        – Rites and rituals

– Important people (priests, imams, etc.- who leads the community?)

Format Requirements:

  • The paper should be about 6-8 pages, typed, double-spaced using a 12-point font.
  • Your paper must include research, which you cite in the paper and in a bibliography.
  • You must have at least 4 sources, you may include scholarly sources, from books or journals. You may also interview a leader or followers of the tradition in order to explain the experiential dimension, or include information learned on a site visit you conduct. Be very careful if using internet sources, as they may not always be accurate. The Library, however, has only accurate sources, so anything you get there is a very good resource.
  • All sources MUST be cited in either proper APA or MLA format. You MUST have in-text citations throughout the paper.
  • Please consult a style guide as a reference so that you cite your sources appropriately. You need to cite sources in each paragraph. You can find this online and also on the Library’s home page.
  • Please consult the tutoring/writing center for help in writing. They do have virtual tutoring.
  • Correct writing mechanics including spelling, capitalization, grammar, and usage.

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