the importance of social interactions on development.

Erik Erikson believed that we go through a “crisis” at all stages of life that we must overcome according to his Psychosocial Theory of Development. His theory stresses the importance of social interactions on development. For example, babies are in the “trust versus mistrust” stage at birth. You must learn to trust others at an early age as newborns are completely dependent on others for their survival needs such as food, clothing and shelter. They are also dependent on others for their emotional needs such as comfort when frightened or alone.

In an approximately one-paged and double spaced paper, describe which stage young adults are in according to Erik Erikson. In addition, explain “relationships” during young adulthood including the role of friendships, romantic relationships and family dynamics. Be sure to paraphrase into your own words and cite your sources properly.

How do you think the pandemic impacted young adults and their relationships with others during this critical time of graduating high school, starting or finishing college, entering the job market and “launching’ from the family home?

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