Three main takes away from the interview

1. Three main takes away from the interview?

2. What did the manager say that surprised you the most and why?

3. How did what the manager shared impact your view on what it means to be manage and or a leader?

Guidelines For The Paper

● Number of pages – Two pages.

● Minimum word count – 1,100.

● Page size – Letter (8.5” x 11”).

● Page margins – Top and bottom margin 1 inch, left margin and right margin 1 inch.

● Insert the page number bottom right of the page.

● Spacing – 1.5 spaced, spacing before and after paragraph 0 pt.

● Font – Times New Roman, fully justified.

● Font – Size 12.

● Document should be saved in word (doc.) format.

● Save the document as titled – “Field Interview Reflection Paper – Gerren Whitlock, Sr.”

Field Interview Guide

Be strategic and do not ask questions that are too personal. Consider the questions below, use these

questions as a guide – you do not have to ask each question, use the list of questions to navigate the



• Set up a time to speak with someone who is manager. (performs a Marketing function).

This is an opportunity for you to build your network as well, with that in mind please do not use friends and family.

• You may share with them what you have learned in class. Ask how they might be using the HR concepts in their position.

• Conduct an informational interview, using open-ended questions that invite the person to tell you stories, rather than give bland, one-word answers.

• Use the below suggested questions to conduct the interview.



• Please tell me about your work.

• What are the major components of your job on a daily basis?

• What do you enjoy the most about your job?

• What do you like least about your job?

• What aspect of your job do you find most challenging?

• What aspect of your job do you find most rewarding?

• Do you more often work individually or as part of a team?

• Can you describe the typical work/life balance in this field?


• How did your career path take you to this job with this company?

• What attracted you to this career path?

• What’s most important to prepare for a role like yours?


• What are some of the biggest rewards of your position?

• What industry publications would you recommend to keep informed of developments in this field?

• Are there any professional associations that you are part of or suggest one join?

• How do you see this job changing in the next 10 years?

• How do you see this industry changing in the next 10 years?

Part B

Weekly Discussion Forum Post: Unit 5

How do cultural, political, and economical challenges affect a global company’s use of the Internet? State at least one example each. Minimum 300 words.

Note: In addition to creating the post, respond to at least two classmates’ posts. See the attachment on Weekly Discussion Forums Guidelines and General Tips for post expectations as well as the discussion rubric.

Read Chapter 15 (The Global Marketplace) and Chapter 16 (Sustainable Marketing Social Responsibility and Ethics) that is attached to answer the unit 5 discussion forum post. Also, review the two YouTube videos:

– Video 1: International Marketing – Concept, Features, Benefits, Examples and Challenges (

– Video 2: Top Ten International Marketing Fails (And What We Can Learn From Them) – (

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