Article critique

Critique the article. Find one arguable argument in this link: Then, I want to see one argument fully explored. I want to see the whole chain of reasoning. That’ll make it easier to show your counterargument! Writing meant to get you engaging the text and arguments in a critical manner. You should strive to represent a central argument from an assigned text and offer a reasoned criticism of a key premise. 1- focus. Pick one problem or argument to start with. Giving it a clear representation is going to take some time. So, for instance, you might take a page to explain the argument. In the course of doing that, you’re going to be forced to lay out some reasons. 2- Then, you’re going to contest one of those reasons. That is, you’re going to explain why we (perhaps) shouldn’t believe it. Read the article I added to the drop box and use it for your argument. Thank YOU

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