Before the nation became obsessed with Jackie Kennedy

Before the nation became obsessed with Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s (and is still obsessing us—have you ever noticed that each year several books are published about her), Eleanor Roosevelt was the most publicized of our First Ladies. But unlike Jackie-O (as she became known after she married Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis in 1968), Roosevelt was highly controversial. Why would that be? She helped her polio-stricken husband regain his strength and re-enter politics and she otherwise seemed to be a “good wife,” raising five children; she was a champion of civil rights and women’s issues. After reading the article I posted about her in my lecture, give a brief summary of her life. What boundaries did she cross that caused the controversy that surrounded her? Please use parentheses not footnotes for Chicago style. Please use all of the following references: (1) Eleanor Roosevelt: World’s Most Admired Woman By Leslie Lopez in Leadership, Political Leaders (2)Bechs, Susan Abrams. “Eleanor Roosevelt: The Path to Equality.” White House Studies 4 (2004): 531- 545. (3) “Eleanor Roosevelt Speech on Human Rights 1948,” Youtube video, 4:12, posted by “Documentary Atlas,” July 8, 2013, (4) Roosevelt, Eleanor. The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt. New York: Curtis Publishing Co., 1961. (5) “Model Leadership-Eleanor Roosevelt,” Youtube video, 2:19, posted by “PLIColorado,” March 6, 2012,

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