ENVS 105 Fullerton College Environmental Science Questions


Choose any 4 of the following 8 questions and answer all parts in an essay format. Each answer should be at least ½ to 1 page of writing

You are welcome to use notes from the reading of  “The Story of More” &  “Healing Earth”

Also, you can use any other scientific literature, other textbooks, the internet, etc. However,every answer must be in your own words.

*When you cite scientific primary sources be sure to include: Author, Title, Year of Publication, Journal Title and Pages.

**For all other sources include (links, author names, website names and any corporation/funding names)


Define environmental science. Explain what environmental scientists study and why. Discuss how environmental science fits into the nature of science, but also how it might relate to ethics and spirituality. Finally, describe some of the most pressing environmental concerns that scientists are addressing today and give a quick summary of the events that got us to this point.

In class, we weighed the pros and cons of the GMO Golden Rice. Choose another GMO crop and explain the pros and cons of this crop. Use at least two primary scientific articlesand make sure that all your other sources are reliable (or at least address their biases in your discussion of the pros and cons). Finally, chose a side and defend your choice. In your defense, explain what a GMO crop is. At the end of your answer, list your references.

Explain why eating meat increases your carbon footprint more than eating fruits and vegetables. In your explanation include: energy flow through an ecosystem/food web/food chain, the difference between producers and consumers, and the main source of energy for our food.

Explain why there is a Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. In your explanation include: eutrophication, watersheds, and agricultural impacts. Also mention other potential factors/hypotheses that might be contributing to the Dead Zone. Propose at least three mitigation strategies to help control the major cause of the Dead Zone.

Summarize America’s relationship with sugar and how it has changed (especially in the last half century). In this summary, discuss the prevalence of high fructose corn syrup. Finally discuss the health impacts of high fructose corn syrup: Is it worse than table sugar? In your discussion, use at least three scientific articlesthat support your answer. At the end of your answer, list your references.

Explain how to properly compost food waste. In your explanation include a discussion of food waste in America and alternatives to throwing food waste into landfills. Also include a discussion of the pros and cons of composting, some of the challenges of composting, and the science behind it.

Discuss the environmental impact of modern agricultural techniques (intense mechanization, irrigation, monoculture farming, pesticide use, fertilizers, and concentrated animal feeding operations). Explain sustainable agriculture and the potential of sustainable agricultural use in America.

Reflect on what we have learned in our Food Unit. What have you taken away from our readings, in class activities and discussions? Do you connect food and ethics? If so, why, and how? How have the authors of our class readings affected your understanding of food’s environmental impact?

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