Formative Assessment Practices

Formative Assessment Practices

According to Chappuis (2015), formative assessment is “the formal and informal processes that teachers use to gather evidence for the purpose of informing next steps in learning” (p. 3). In this Assignment, you will assess your own personal formative assessment practices.

To complete this Assignment, select two formative assessment techniques that you have used or could use in your classroom and do the following:

  1. Include an explanation of the purpose and importance of formative assessments.
  2. Write an explanatory analysis of each formative assessment technique that you have used or could use.
    1. Describe the learning targets (objectives) for each of the lessons.
    2. Describe the learning activities in each of the lessons that students were engaged in when the formative assessment was or could be used.
    3. Explain what the formative assessment should tell you about your students’ skill or understanding.
    4. Explain how you adapted or would adapt instruction based upon that formative information.

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