Ideal job

FYS 100 with Aubrey Seppa-Hodgkins

Final Project Criteria:

Objective: Identify and research your ideal job (or one in a field that you are interested in).


❖ There are different ways to complete this project: Paper, Video, Poster, or another idea (With my approval) such as a skit or game. Pick the way you want to present it!


❖ Identify and discuss:

➢ Ideal job

➢ WHY you would like this job: Offer at least 3 reasons and why

➢ Who currently holds this position (ie: If you want to own Microsoft…Bill Gates is your man)

➢ Educational path

➢ Career path (ie: starting from and entry level position and going up the ladder)

➢ Final goal position

➢ Potential drawbacks of the job (ie: ER doctor is always on call, etc)

➢ Job responsibilities: (please provide these in detail)

➢ Career Outlook (is this going to be a more or less in-demand job in 2, 5, 10 years?)

➢ Salary information : ▪ Entry, middle, and goal

▪ In the area you are looking to live (ie Schenectady, Boston, Hawaii, etc.)

➢ Cite where information came from!!! (I am happy to help with the citations and explanations) Please use APA formatting!

➢ Add any fun facts, trivia, personal story about the position/field you are researching

❖ Please add at the end of your project your sources (This does not count as a page!)

Submitted through Blackboard or School email: You will receive notification of receipt of the project for your records. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt, you should not assume that it has been submitted).


Due Date: Sunday, May 1st for full credit consideration, (not 11:09pm EST or 11:08pm in another time zone)

Late projects may not be accepted and grade of “F” could be recorded as your final project grade, so please turn them in on time!



❖ There are many options for this project (and a short presentation to the class in addition): Paper Video Poster Other Ideas


❖ Min. 2 pages (aka- I know how to play with margins, please don’t get creative, I know the tricks) Please feel free to go longer PS- This does NOT include any cover page or works cited page!)

❖ Double spaced

❖ 1” margins

❖ Times New Roman or Calibri

❖ Size 12 font

❖ Proper spelling and grammar is expected

❖ Must have 3 sources


❖ 6-8 minutes

❖ Cite sources

❖ All of information above must be covered

❖ Can be you presenting, or a Prezi/PowerPoint or a combination

❖ Must have 3 sources

❖ Proper spelling and grammar is expected


❖ All of information about must be covered

❖ Must be professional looking

❖ Must offer a 3 minute presentation to the instructor with it as well

❖ Must have 3 sources

❖ Cite sources

❖ Proper spelling and grammar is expected


❖ If you have a different idea and want to propose it to me-let’s talk! I love creativity!

❖ (Skits, glogster, games, etc are all possible!)

❖ Must have 3 sources

❖ Cite sources

❖ Proper spelling and grammar is expected

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