Leadership and Communication

The title of your final summary paper is Leadership and Communication. Be sure to address the following leadership concepts (below) and incorporate the importance of effective communication in each: Required Components: Motivational theories: Discuss the importance of motivational theories on leadership and organizational culture. Leadership styles and philosophies: Evaluate the worth and effectiveness of at least three leadership styles and/or philosophies. Leadership tactics and techniques: Compare and contrast management-leadership tactics and techniques as demonstrated in the course textbooks and any additional outside research. Personal leadership style/philosophy: Identify your personal leadership style and one positive way you can improve your leadership based upon information from this course. Contribution to your organization: Identify one thing you will do to contribute to your organization in a positive way based upon the information from this course. Final Paper Guidelines: This paper is to be 6-8 pages in length, not including a cover page, references, or an appendix. In keeping with APA guidelines, please do not include items such as charts, graphs, photographs, or illustrations in the body of your paper. Such items are to be references in your paper and included in an appendix. You are required to use 3 – 5 academic references in addition to your interview. The references should be some combination of academic journal articles and academic textbooks. Do not solely rely on your class textbooks. It is recommended you develop an outline and working draft of several pages more than the final draft, then boil your thoughts down to the final draft of the paper. By doing this you will be able to provide a concise and organized response that contains the most salient points and logical reasoning. You must come to a conclusion. Write your paper in Microsoft Word and format it according to APA standards. Click the Session 5 Final Paper link to submit your paper by the due date posted. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria. Email your instructor with any questions you may have.

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