three main institutions for adult penal confinement

What are the three main institutions for adult penal confinement, and how do they determine who will run these departments?

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Topic: What is the effect of gun culture and firearm laws on gun violence and mass shootings in the United States?

Domestic terrorism can be executed in various forms, utilizing various weaponry as well. Most executed attacks of domestic terrorism are mass shootings with firearms. In instances that mass shootings occur in America, there are debates as too which is the cause for these issues. There are arguments that is it due to the lack of gun control, others argue that is it strictly a mental health issue. Both sides could be correct in their evaluation of this issue. It has been found that some of these domestic terrorists received mental health diagnosis after they commit their attacks, but that coinciding with their mental illness is their easy access to powerful firearms. There are various opinions that people, politicians, and news commentors have, but a popular opinion is that “guns don’t kill people, mental illness does” (Metzi & MacLeish, 2015). The right-winged ideology backs the idea of mental illness being the primary problem, and not the lack of gun control or gun regulation. Guns in this ideology are not the issues. This creates a political divide when these crimes occur. More commonly, mental illness is blamed, and no reform gets placed in terms of mental illness, or gun control. But it is not the gun culture or mental health that is the singular cause of mass shootings, or gun violence, but it is when both issues meet, there is the execution of these types of terrorist acts. These crimes are influenced from a social standpoint and are not singular caused by one political or social issue but a combination of them instead (Metzi & MacLeish, 2015). These issues are integrated and collectively need to be addressed in how these are integrated and create a web of relationships. This is not a linear issue of cause and effect. But the idea of the protection of the 2nd Amendment exceeding the necessity of gun regulation causes these issues to be swept under the rug, and then these attacks repeat themselves.

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