Youth Evangelism and Discipleship

Final Paper Instructions BIBL 321: Youth Evangelism and Discipleship The final paper for the class is a practical project for implementation of evangelism and discipleship for ministry with youth in a local church. The paper will outline a blending of evangelism and discipleship into a year’s worth of youth programming. The creative paper written for this class gave a theoretical basis for an evangelism and discipleship strategy. The final paper is an opportunity to apply that theoretical expression. Do not simply report on what another church is doing. Feel free to borrow ideas from others, but the objective of this assignment is for you to propose an ideal twelve-month calendar that reflects your own ingenuity and applies the principles you learned from this course. Ideally, you will contextualize your plan to meet the needs and considerations of your home church. Be sure to address specifically Fields’ five ministry purposes and four levels of commitment in your plan. Your final paper proposal is due by midnight Sunday at the end of Week 2 (March 30, 2018). Using the assignments tool, submit your youth ministry paradigm and theme for a year based on chapter 12 from Purpose Driven Youth Ministry. Final paper guidelines: • 9 pages (not including title page and bibliography) • Double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins • Utilize at least 5 scholarly sources • Write and submit the paper as a Word document • Follow Turabian writing style • Submission deadline is Wednesday of Week 8 Papers should address the following: • INTRODUCTION: Clearly introduce the direction of the paper. Include a purpose statement, which you will create for a church’s youth ministry. Your introduction need not be longer than half a page. o Suggestion: Consider writing this last, after having written the other sections. • CALENDAR: The calendar should be a twelve-month calendar beginning in August through the following year in July. It should contain a listing of all of the activities, training sessions, fellowships, and events that a church’s youth will be involve in throughout the course of the year. One to two pages. • DESCRIPTIONS: A list of every activity, event, training session should be listed with a description of that item. The description should include how evangelism and discipleship is being carried out in each item. • BALANCE AND BLEND: A one-page summary should be given describing how a youth ministry will be able to accommodate the 9 components of youth ministry found in The Purpose Driven Youth Ministry (page 16) along with the following: o How will the various “levels of commitment” from different youth be met? o How will different parents and youth worker concerns be addressed? o How will youth ministry be evaluated? o How will the community be engaged? o How will the church staff be included? o What are three levels of measure that will indicate successful evangelism? o What are three levels of measure that will indicate successful discipleship? o What basic principles will be used for dealing with conflict and discipline? Grade Breakdown: 1. Youth ministry paradigm and theme handed in at the end of week 2 with detailed bibliographical information from 3 sources worth 5 points. 2. Following Assignment Expectations worth 10 points. 3. Content worth 60 points. 4. Turabian Format worth 10 points. 5. Mechanics and Grammar worth 15 points. Your final paper should be submitted via the “assignments” tool by midnight Wednesday(May 04, 2018) of Week 8. You will find the submission tool if you go into the “Assignments” tab and look in the week 8 materials.

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