a food or agriculture documentary.

Watch a food or agriculture documentary. You may choose from the following list or select one of your own.


King Corn

Forks over Knives

Food Inc.

Ingredients: the local food movement takes root

More than Honey


GROW – a film about local food movement in Georgia

Vanishing of the Bees




Just Eat It (Food Waste)

Food Matters

Eating Alabama

What the Health

Symphony of the Soil

In Defense of Food
Wasted! The Story of Food Waste
A Place at the Table


Fed Up

SEED: the Untold Story

You can find these titles on Netflix or other video sources; some are available at the Henderson Library or through Georgia Southern’s Kanopy account (www.kanopy.com – login with your GS email for free access hundreds of films). Please contact me right away if it is not possible for you to access any appropriate food/ag videos and we will work out an alternative.

Provide the following information:

Part A (approximately 1 pg. double spaced)

1. Movie title and link to film online

2. Summary of the film in your own words (NOT a synopsis provided online)

3. Your personal response to the film

4. How it relates to what you are learning in class

Part B

1. Provide 3 key quotes or claims presented by the film

2. Select one major claim and investigate it. Is it supported by science? How do you know? Provide some evidence (i.e. from textbook or reliable source – i.e. government website, university website, research paper, etc.). Cite your sources.

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