a Food Service Supply Chain and how it can be made sustainable

Define a Food Service Supply Chain and how it can be made sustainable

Identify a supply chain in food or beverage and how you would make that supply chain sustainable.

Week 7

Case Study – Teds Box

This is a fun exercise and helps get inside your experience with Food and Case Study

Watch the TEDSBOX video.

Describe how new packaging such as the TEDSBOX may lead to better management of returns in the food and beverage industry.To see more information about TEDSBOX, see below link.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFUrE9IDnIc&feature=youtu.be


Week 5

What advantages has containerization in maritime shipping brought ?Are there any parallels with the air freight industry ?

Week 6

Briefly describe the role of the Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL). What advantages do 3PLs bring ?Are there any disadvantages to a company in outsourcing its logistics functions to a 3PL?

Week 7

The Hub and Spoke Concept continues its development in the various modes of transportation (Maritime, Air, Truck, and Rail). Describe some of the key advantages this concept brings to the various modes of transportation.

Week 8

Describe the concept of “Economies of Scale” as it relates to the transportation industry. What advantages has economies of scale brought to transportation? Can you think of any disadvantages?

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