Ancient Roman world

Ancient Roman world…

Why would we show people old—what is the advantage of showing someone that way versus the Greek’s concept of idealized beautiful people?

How are men to look in Roman culture (when aging)?

What does the word veristic (verism) mean?

In my lecture I discuss the place in which these busts would be kept, what is that structure and what does it look like? What was the purpose of so many busts in your home?

How are the rulers of Rome depicted (old, young, perfect)? What is it called—the way the rulers are shown versus the way you and I might be shown? Who do they emulate (group of people or even a god). Why show youth….what type of message does that give?

Pont du Gard, located in France, but part of the Roman territory (Aqueduct) and the Arch

(Kelly’s lecture)

What was the purpose of the Pont du Gard?

Why was it important to have something like this bring in fresh water?

Why is an arch better than the Post-and -Lintel system of building?

What is an arcade?

What is the Keystone

What is a centering

What is a voussoir?

What is a dressed stone (aka ashlar masonry)?

Now I would like for you to draw and diagram the concept of the arch. I show you this in my lecture. You must label the work with the Keystone, centering, voussoir, post area, and thrust.

YOU MAY NOT USE A COMPUTER FOR THIS….you must make this by hand and take a photo of it and include it with your homework. Be sure to label it when you turn it in too. (you will receive no credit if not turned in properly and as directed).

The Roman Colosseum

Khan and my lecture will work with this:

1.Who paid for the Roman Amphitheater, aka, the Colosseum?

  1. How many years did it take to make it? What was the original name of the Colosseum?
  2. How many people can it hold? How were the Seats assigned—how did they tell you where to sit?
  3. Who has to sit at the top floor or top areas?

5.What type of stone decorated the outside of the structure (I told you marble)

Tell me two advantages associated with the use of concrete.

  1. What was originally on this plot of land—before they built the colosseum?


This structure was made as a reminder of Marcus Agrippa-one of the better leaders in the Roman World.

However, the word pantheon means—all the, and in this case Gods. It was a vast temple for all the Roman gods. It is very unique in that it is the first Temple designed such that animal sacrifice could take place inside the structure (the floor is actually slanted to the center—there is a drain where the blood can be sent out and away from the structure). There were originally seven gods placed in each niche within the temple—they were made of bronze and are not gone (probably melted down after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE).

What is a central or Radial plan? Where is the central point of the Pantheon?

When you walk into this structure—what types of shapes seem to dominate the space?

How are the columns of the Pantheon different from the Greek types?

What are the advantages of Concrete in this structure—what does it do for the building (should have 3 things)?

What is an oculus? How does it link to the divine? What does the Oculus do for the structure and materials?

The Medieval Period (Romanesque and Gothic) From Kelly’s lectures

Why did churches become larger during the Romanesque period? Tell me at least 2 reasons for expansions.

What do the architects do to make the churches bigger?

Why to the churches have better sound and why are they fire proof too?

What is the problem with the Round Arch technology that they use to build the bigger Pilgrimage churches?

Now let’s compare the Romanesque church to the Gothic church ( like Notre Dame).

What did Abbott Suger create (2 things) that help make the Gothic church taller and brighter.

Draw out the way that weight is distributed faster and allows for more windows in the church. (once again you may not use a computer—this must be drawn by hand and you must label the components) please see my lecture as I show you this. Terms to be included: pointed arch, lancet windows, flying buttresses.

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