Ashford University In Depth Interview Reflection Paper

read the attached file for the interview and our theory

Briefly summarize the responses

 What are the major “takeaways” from your interview?

 Anything particularly surprising or interesting?

o What did you learn from the interview and the interview


 What would you do differently next time?

o Are the responses from your interview consistent with your

theory from write-up 2?

 What needs to be done to update your theory? (Update

in next section accordingly)

o Each person should write an individual reflection about

the interview.

 What did you learn from the interview and the

interview process? [What did you learn about Qual.


 What did you learn about the target population?]

 What did you learn about yourself? About the nonprofit


 How do you feel after your interview (or

listening to the interview)?

 What do you think is the purpose of this


 What do you think is the benefit of working

with this particular client?

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