Battle of Fort Sumter

Historical Battle Analytic Essay: Battle of Fort Sumter

  • Please review the Outline and Guidance to complete this analytic review:
  • Please review and use the following resources:
    • ATP 2-01.3 at
    • FM 3-0 at
  • Please utilize additional scholarly, academic, and credible resources.

The purpose of the Battle Analysis Paper is to:

1. Define the Battle.

2. Review the Setting and Set the Stage for the Analysis

3. Describe the historical account the the battle and key events.

4. Assess the significance of the battle and lessons learned.

The paper –

  • Must be 5-7 pages, not including the title and reference page.
  • Must be in APA 7 professional format and include an abstract on the title page.
  • Appropriately apply APA-formatted citations to all in-text citations.
  • Must utilize scholarly, academic, and credible resources.
  • Must have less than 5% passive voice.

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