Be serious: Need music major and deadline is 12-18 hours Choose one topic from Attached three topics

I have my own writer group but this one need music major and we do have 12-18 hours Pages: 8 pages ( main body around 2300 words ) Format: Harvard system reference Deadline: 12-18 hours Requirements :see attachment ( 3 documents| you are recommended to choose the first topic from ‘ Three Topic ‘ and discuss changing perceptions in the performance of Chopin’s piano works, with reference to historic recordings of any THREE works. Please arrange a Professional writers to complete this article.Thanks in advance! ) (Important!) Please check the Customer requirements as below: 1. Please write this essay according to the requirements first and the customer will give title tomorrow. 2. Please write this article in the third person. ( No ‘I’ ‘YOU’) 3. Proper nouns should be written correctly. ( You could refer to these Proper nouns in the internet ) 4. It is recommended to see a movie which called “unforgettable”, which mainly emphasizes some changes of Chopin’s concept of playing. 5. Here are some works such as “Revolution” “Farewell” ‘Polonaise d minor’ “polonaise” are different periods which you could refer to. Quality Controls (Or the client would not Pay): Must meets following points Topic: discuss changing perceptions in the performance of Chopin’s piano works Content: Discuss changes Thanks for help my client with saving their time and energy for better thing !

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