building a 12-story office building in Louisville

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­You are a developer interested in building a 12-story office building in Louisville, KY. The project will be constructed using the traditional project delivery method (Design Bid Build).  AIA contract documents synopses (attached), AIA A101 is the correct document to adopt for the Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor.You have been provided with the AIA A101: Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor (where the basis of payment is a Stipulated Sum). Your assignment is:

  1. Complete the AIA from A101, by filling in all the required information (Fill in all the gray areas in the document).
  2. Write a short narrative as to why design-bid-build is (or is not) the best option for this project. Your argument for/against the choice of project delivery method should include the legal and risk management logic.
  3. Identify the following contract documents (by number) from the AIA Suite (for design bid build) that will form part of the specifications for this project (Example. AIA A 101: Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor):
    1. Instructions to Bidders
    2. General Conditions of the Contract
    3. Bid Bond
    4. Performance Bond and Payment Bond
    5. Change Order
    6. Application and Certificate for Payment
    7. Certificate of Substantial Completion
    8. Contractor’s Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims
    9. Contractor’s Affidavit of Release of Liens
    10. Request for Information (RFI)

You will be evaluated as follows:

  • Contract Writing (AIA A101) Narrative on Project Delivery method
    • Why do you agree or disagree with the selection of DBB for this project? (10 Points)
    • What are the benefits/shortfalls of the selected delivery method from a legal standpoint (in the context of this project)? (10 Points)
    • What are the potential risks and how are they curbed by the selected project delivery method? (10 Points)
  • Identifying the other contract documents

Make sure that your narrative is .Use 12 pt. Times New Roman, Double Spaced.

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