Case management research paper

Individual Assignment -Due no later than Wednesday, April 30, 2018-Last day of class. The paper must be uploaded in TURNITIN in Blackboard. The paper is 30 % of your grade. The paper will cover an assigned aspect of the case management process within a diverse and global setting, which must be supported by evidence-based practice data from the peer-reviewed literature and demonstrate cultural competence. In this assignment, students are challenged to locate, interpret and apply empirical data in their assigned area of case management practice. This paper will showcase your knowledge and understanding of case management concepts, principles, and practices. The 5-7 page paper (not including title and reference pages) should use APA-style format style 6th Edition style, and be double-spaced with a title page and reference page. (Note: The title and reference pages are not included in the page count). You must have 7 to 8 references/resources MINIMUM for this research paper. For this paper you will choose ONE of the following approaches to your research paper: : 1. Select a special population or psychosocial issue (e.g., homelessness, substance dependence, adolescent pregnancy, severe mental illness, etc.) and provide a detailed description of the case management process and related interventions with this population or issue. 2. Select a phase or model of case management and provide a detailed description of a special issue or challenge related to this phase of the process or model. 3. Select a policy or macro-level issue affecting case management and provide a detailed description of this issue. You must have your paper reviewed by the Writing Center before you submit it into TURNITIN. You must submit paperwork that it was reviewed by the Writing Center and this paperwork must be uploaded into Blackboard. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of 10 points on your research paper. Rubric Grading Criteria Point Value Was Criteria Met? ➢ Summary of Issue/Challenge 45 points o Describes and explains case management in terms of a special population, psychosocial issue, challenging phase/model, or macro-level issue. o Excellent, detailed descriptions and summary (30 points) o Fair, scanty details and summary (partial credit, 25 points max) o Poor, inaccurate details/ No summary (0 points) ➢ Proposed Intervention or Strategy 45 points o Demonstrates understanding of the core issue and appropriate interventions, resources, process, or improvement strategies, ethical issues and implications related to intervention or strategy, cultural competence and its implications to practice, policy, service delivery o Excellent, intervention plan is carefully crafted and well-articulated (3-5 solid recommendations, a process, and accompanying resources), as well as supported by the peer-reviewed literature (60 points) o Fair, intervention plan provides 1-3 recommendations and/or the recommendations/process/resources are not well articulated and details supporting them are scanty (partial credit, 50 points max) o Poor, intervention plan contains 1-2 recommendations and provides no meaningful details supporting the stated process/resources (0 points) ➢ Overall Presentation 10 Points o Uses professionally appropriate language o APA-style format, citations, and references o Title and reference pages o Free from grammatical errors o Excellent, minor errors (10 points) o Good, moderate errors (partial credit, 5 points max) o Poor, clear lack of editing (0 points)

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