Corporate Social Responsibility

Reflect on the readings and your own personal experiences with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Think of Philanthropy as one element under a CSR umbrella. Other elements could include: Ethics, Environmental Care and Sustainability, to name a select few. Design/Create a new product or service-based organization of your own and address the following: 1.Construct a “simple” [4 – 5 steps] marketing plan and cite at least two (2) metrics centered on a philanthropic initiative. Provide an example of each. 2. Is this a strategic marketing application that can be used to: grow sales, solidify [new] brand, etc? 3. How does the philanthropic set of initiatives stack up to the targeted competition? Will the consumer pay attention to this as they assess using your company? If not, how can you drive a process to gain attention? If yes, then how should or will your company interface? 4. Develop at least two go-forward recommendations and include a paragraph of closing, in-depth conclusions using course and researched materials to pull the assignment together. Submission Guidelines: Use 12 font and double space. Submit a minimum of 2 1/2 page word document. Include name and title of assignment. List academic-based references used and show in-sentence citations (both using APA 6th ed.).

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