Detention Documentary

  1. After watching the Lost in Detention Documentary, please answer the following questions in a 400 word response.
    1. What drove the numbers of Immigrants in detention centers during the Obama and Trump administration?
    2. Describe the characteristics (race, ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status or SES, gender, age, etc) of the detained population
    3. is there any evidence that the Immigration system in the US is skewed against low-income, Latino Populations? Please support your answer with evidence.
    1. On your own, research the concept of intersectionality, then watch the documentary Crossing Over, and answer the following questions:What are some of the difficulties that the women in the documentary experience throughout their lives?Using the concept of intersectionality, explain what other factors work to place the women in situations of disadvantage or vulnerability)? Give examples, and supporting evidence.Entry must be at least 400 words, it is worth 10 points.

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